Grief Car Kit

Hey Friends, 

On episode 27 I talked about the need to be prepared for when I'm out and about and grief hits. I put my car kit together and here are the things I have decided would be most useful for me when caught off guard by a griefy moment. The intention of this kit is to allow you the space to take a moment to feel your grief, cry, sweat, whatever else you need to do and then gather yourself and keep your day moving. Hope it helps!


A x


1. Make up - concealer, mascara, foundation, blusher, lip balm, face wipes

2. Tissues 

3. Lavender Oil

4. Rose water facial spray 

5. Hair spray, hairbrush/comb, hair clip

6. Hand Lotion

7. Deoderant

8. Mouth wash

9. Electrolytes

10. Tylenol

11. Rescue remedy pastilles